Lewis Ambrose

🎥 World Cup Countdown: Penalty fright

Penalties are often considered sure goals.

But with the pressure of a nation on their shoulders, footballer’s legs often turn to jelly when they reach the spot.

Here are the five worst World Cup penalties.

Diego Maradona v Yugoslavia, 1990 (1:05 minutes)

Even the best can’t be perfect every time. Argentina progressed but Maradona’s penalty was so poor we’re surprised it was the man himself.

Michel Platini v Brazil, 1986

Just four years earlier, Platini did the same. France went through but the midfielder got away with one.

Chris Waddle v Germany, 1990

West Germany and England played out an incredibly tense game but Waddle’s penalty proved costly. The Germans went on to win the tournament.

Roberto Baggio v Brazil, 1994

The most heartbreaking miss of all. After an incredible tournament, Baggio skied his penalty in the final shootout as Brazil were crowned world champions.

England v Portugal, 2006

Take your pick! We can’t separate these three dreadful efforts as England collapsed against Portugal.