Blaise Bourgeois

Thiago Silva claims Brazil have learned from 2014 World Cup failure

Thiago Silva believes Brazil have the power to be World Cup champions, and they will atone for the errors they made in their home country four years ago.

The defender was forced to miss the semi-final clash due to suspension, forcing to watch the Seleção get embarrassed in front of their own fans.

“Each day you learn something new. Professionally, personally and even emotionally, because the emotional aspect is so important,” Thiago Silva told Goal.

“Many times we try to change it, but we can’t. Me personally I don’t want to change it, I’d rather that all happens naturally. Things happened, good or bad, but naturally. We have to learn that not everyone deserves our tears. You have to do the right thing even if someone mocks you.

“I rarely change my opinion about what I believe, but the learning is huge after all that happened since 2014. We hope that 2018 may be different for Thiago Silva in the Brazil national team.

“Our final goal is to be the world champions, but there’s a long road ahead to play a great World Cup and finish it the best way possible: with the trophy.”