Lewis Ambrose

🎥 They’re going home! The internet on England’s World Cup exit

Croatia are into the World Cup final, England are heading into the third-place match.

It was all going so well for Gareth Southgate’s men, who had managed to convince the world it was in fact coming home. It isn’t.

Spanner in the works!

There was plenty excitement pre-game

The Lightning Seeds even made an appearance in front of 30,000 at Hyde Park

And it started so well…

Opta, eat your heart out!

But things started to look a little bit shaky

Croatia equalised

Beer and flares: seems safe!

Ian Wright was only half right

And this is how all of England feels about it

The pressure built and built

At least someone was happy about extra-time!

And before long Croatia were too

England weren’t

But German magazine 11Freunde saw the funny side

They are, it isn’t

No words

Just tears

Disappearing act

But England will be back!