Blaise Bourgeois

Silvio Berlusconi says he can’t stand watching Milan anymore

Former Milan owner and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi doesn’t appreciate the football Milan is playing under manager Gennaro Gattuso.

Despite what will assuredly be Milan’s best season in some time, Berlusconi believes Milan need to place more emphasis on the attack.

“I disagree with the current tactic of using one striker rather than two, especially behind there are such good shots from distance,” Berlusconi said.

“Milan make very few shots on goal, so that’s why I turn on the TV to watch the game, but turn off after 10 minutes.”

After a 31-year stint at the club, Berlusconi sold A.C. Milan to Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux for €830m.

Milan will close out the season at SPAL and are currently one point behind both third-placed Atalanta and fourth-placed Inter Milan in their pursuit of a Champions League place.