Blaise Bourgeois

Ryan ‘Two-Face’ Christie describes his gruesome Scottish Cup injury

It’s hard to forget Ryan Christie’s horror injury during Celtic’s Scottish Cup semi-final victory over Aberdeen last month.

Christie suffered severe head and facial damage after colliding with former team-mate Dominic Ball in mid-air.

On Wednesday, the 24-year-old described the gruesome aftermath and revealed a new nickname he’s received in the locker room.

“Two-Face from Batman,” he exclaimed.

“You could be standing on one side and I looked completely fine but when I turned around you would hear a ‘Jesus Christ…’

“I broke my cheekbone, fractured my eye socket in two places and fractured my jaw,” he said.

“They cut in here [under eye], just above my eye, the side of my head and cut into my mouth – four different places. They put a plate into my cheek and one into the side of my head.

“I haven’t had surgery like that before so it was a bit scary at first and all kind of things happen afterwards. I still don’t have any feeling in some of my teeth on that side or down my cheek.”

Celtic have already won the Premiership title and will close out the season against Hearts this Sunday before meeting up once again on 25 May in the Scottish Cup final for a chance at the treble-treble.