Onefootball ready for Apple Watch

We're proud to announce that we extended our app for the soon-to-be-launched Apple Watch, as seen at Apple's Spring Forward event.

As seen in Apple’s Spring Forward event yesterday, we have developed an app for the brand new Apple Watch. Our promise to give football fans their fix “Anytime. Anywhere.” has taken on a whole new meaning with the Onefootball app for the launch of Apple’s latest offering.

Picture the scene: You’re having a beer with an old friend and don’t want to seem rude in checking your mobile for the latest score on Onefootball. Simply glance at the Apple Watch and the score is right there in front of you. And they’re none the wiser. Match schedules, live scores and match updates are all accessible via the Apple Watch.

“After being one of the first 1000 apps on the Apple Store, we are thrilled to have spent the last few weeks developing for Apple’s latest device. The Apple Watch brings football another step closer to the fan, making it easier than ever to stay connected to the beautiful game,” said Onefootball CEO and founder, Lucas von Cranach.

The app is easy to navigate, with three basic navigation levels, two different types of push notifications, and of course Apple Watch’s “Glances”. Watch wearers see the list of their favourite competitions (set on the iPhone Onefootball app) as well as a list of upcoming matches and a match page with live updates.

Notifications alert the wearer when a goal has been scored. In the Glances view, wearers either see a countdown until their favourite team plays again or the live score and time played during a match.

Click the image below to enlarge and see where we’re heading with the app. You can watch the Apple Spring Forward event here. Fast forward to 74:18 to see Onefootball.

Onefootball Apple Watch App


Onefootball is available on all major mobile devices and features news, live scores, stats and much more. Download Onefootball here. For the web version of the mobile app, click here