Ian McCourt

🎙 Mourinho is back, the greatest weekend ever and Union on the rise

On this week’s episode of the Onefootball Podcast, Ian McCourt is joined by Joana Bueno, Matt Frohlich and Benni Kuhlhoff.

Sorry about the no-show podcast last week. Illness got in the way. But it’s not like we missed anything big, is it?

Apparently, Spurs sacked their coach – whoever that was – and hired a new one – José something or other – so the crew discuss all that.

As a Flamengo fan, Joana had the greatest weekend of her life.  She has all the details on the final, the league title and what next for the Rio club.

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There is also talk of Pochettino at Bayern, Dortmund’s need for a new coach (or players?) and why Union Berlin are the best team in the Bundesliga right now.

And hey, we even cram in some Champions League talk too.

Not bad, eh?

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