Blaise Bourgeois

Miguel Herrera reveals Nico Castillo’s life was in danger

After suffering a thrombosis in his superficial femoral artery, América forward Nicolás Castillo remains in stable condition.

From all the information gathered so far, it appears Castillo will not suffer any serious long-term damage, though his recovery time remains unknown.

On Friday, manager Miguel Herrera revealed how grave the situation could have been and gave Castillo his vote of confidence to have a very successful return to the pitch.

“His life was saved (Nicolás Castillo) and everything was very scary. Hopefully tomorrow he will leave intensive therapy,” said Herrera. 

“I still have confidence in Nico although people bother him. It (what happened) is out of everyone’s hands.

“It was detected and now we must wait. The bet of the club and mine is important.”

Herrera also added that, despite calls for Roger Martínez to be used in Castillo’s absence, Martínez will never play for América again.