Blaise Bourgeois

Miguel Herrera confident he’ll easily find work if he does not renew

It’s no doubt that Miguel Herrera has been a fantastic manager at América, leading the Eagles to the Liguilla in each of his nine seasons at the helm.

Some reports in the media have stated that because of Herrera’s wild and unpredictable attitude, the club will not consider extending his contract past summer 2020.

However, Herrera denied such allegations and stated that even if América didn’t want him back, he would have no trouble finding work.

“What bothers me is where they get such a lie. It doesn’t bother me to be asked (if my contract ends); yes, in 2020 my contract ends, in July,” Herrera said.

“Of course I will think about the next tournament. If I do things well, and more if we are champions in this, they will want me to renew and if not, they probably will as well.

“Maybe they don’t want me to continue, then I will finish my contract and another job will come.

“It seems to me that since I have performed well, I am not going to lack work.”

América are the sixth-seeded team in this season’s Liguilla and will face defending champions Tigres in their quarter-final first-leg clash on Thursday.