Blaise Bourgeois

Miguel Herrera: ‘Memo Ochoa’s mistakes are my fault’

Memo Ochoa has been under some criticism since he returned to América from Europe last season due to his defensive record and his occasional mistakes in goal.

Ochoa did not help his cause at all last weekend as he failed to take control of a corner in his own box, allowing Querétaro’s Ariel Nahuelpán to head home the equaliser before half-time.

Fortunately for Ochoa, Andrés Ibargüen completed his brace in the 74th minute to give América all three points.

Speaking prior to América’s match this weekend against Atlas, manager Miguel Herrera assumed responsibility for Ochoa’s errors and called on the media to be less critical of the legendary shot-stopper.

“I do not know if exaggerated, it is from each of you (the media). You have the power to minimise or magnify things but I have always said that I work for Memo to have another good game.

“Now I demand that you leave him alone. Sometimes mistakes are caused by having doubts.

“It’s my fault but I’ll keep asking you, beyond all that it gives me. You (the media) could criticised him, especially for the goal against Querétaro.

“But against Puebla, he saved the game for us. We know the goalkeeper we have. I want him to put his head back in the game so he can help us more.”

Since returning to América, Ochoa has allowed 32 goals and earned just seven clean sheets in 24 appearances between the sticks.