Blaise Bourgeois

Mateus Uribe and Bofo Bautista get into a Twitter war

Mateus Uribe has had no problem proclaiming his faith to the Club América faithful, both as a player and also as a fan.

His most recent tweet added more fuel to the post-Classico fire, where the Eagles won 2-0 in the Copa MX quarter-final.

On Twitter, Uribe said: “Still do not know them. Go Eagles.”

The response drew a lot of backlash from Chivas supporters and former players, including Bofo Bautista, who told him ‘You’re dead’, amongst other unsavory words.

If the following exchange wasn’t saucy enough, the two sides face off at the Estadio Akron on Saturday in an all-important Liga MX tie.

With seven matches to play, both teams are fighting for a place in the post-season, with América in fifth place on 16 points, while Chivas are tied with a plethora of teams in eighth place on 15 points.