Blaise Bourgeois

Leonardo Bonucci opens up on Ajax after Champions League draw

Friday’s Champions League draw could have been a lot worse for Juventus, but in the last eight, you can never expect an easy match.

With Ajax on the horizon, Leonardo Bonucci stressed that defeating the Dutch side will be anything but simple.

“They have great organisation, the desire to keep going and give everything,” Bonucci told Juve’s official website.

“They will be two very intense matches, but we have shown that we have what it takes, we need to be like the Juventus that won against Atletico.

“I’m not looking at the overall draw, just at these two fixtures.”

Later in the interview, Bonucci reveled in his side’s dramatic comeback against Atlético Madrid.

“It was a great night, thanks to our fans and to the whole team, both to those who were on the pitch and those that were supporting us from the bench.

“There is a lot of enthusiasm and we want to have nights like that again.

“After this victory, our awareness must increase, we have discovered a new Juventus, one that knows how to attack and play an entertaining game.”

Juventus will play away at Genoa this Sunday.