La Liga president the latest to confirm Lionel Messi news

Onefootball Daniel Issroff

Lionel Messi’s upcoming Barcelona deal may be the most ‘signed’ contract in the history of football.

We’ve been told so many times that the deal is done, that Messi’s dad has signed it, that Messi’s signed it, that the club have signed it.

It all leaves us very confused as to what’s actually going on.

But Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga, seems to have it pretty clear.

“Messi has a contract which has been renewed,” Tebas told a Europa Press event.

“Contracts are official when they are signed and not when it is announced that they have been signed,” he continued. “Messi has signed with Barcelona, if I have not been lied to, he has signed.”

Right — so that clears everything up then.

It does beg the question: if everything is all signed and sealed, what is stopping the club and Messi from just announcing it and putting all the doubt to bed?

The answer to that question, it seems, remains unclear.

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