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Joel Carli explains why he approached Jorge Jesus after the match

After Thursday night’s 1-0 win over rivals Botafogo, Flamengo manager Jorge Jesus appeared to taunt Botafogo defender Joel Carli by saying something and applauding in his direction.

Carli did not appear too pleased and immediately went after Jesus, which required both Botafogo and Flamengo players to restrain him.

In an interview with Premiere, Carli confirmed that this act of ‘disrespect’ was indeed why he confronted the Flamengo boss.

“He [Jorge Jesus] came in to say something that I understood as disrespectful and then I went over to complain to him,” he said.

“But never mind. It was nothing more than that. It’s over. We move on.”

Despite being a member of one of Flamengo’s biggest rivals, he will not support River Plate in the Copa Libertadores final because he is a huge fan of his native Boca Juniors.

“I have been in Brazil for four years and Botafogo has a very strong rivalry with Flamengo.

“I will not say that I will support River because my friends in Argentina would kill me but I do not want Flamengo to win anything.”