Blaise Bourgeois

João Mário says Inter fans are better than West Ham’s

João Mário has had quite the tumultuous year.

While at West Ham, the Portuguese midfielder famously said he would not return to Inter, declaring “there’s no fire inside me to rekindle with the Nerazzurri”.

Even after warning Sporting players who had their contracts terminated to stay away from Serie A, João Mário returned to Inter and has now asked for forgiveness.

“Obviously I’m sorry,” he told reporters.

“You learn from mistakes and that was a mistake. I have to respect a team like Inter who spent so much to sign me, and I’m very happy to have been given a second chance here.”

“The Inter fans were also crucial. For them, I was both an idol and a bad player.

“It would be great if I found the right balance.

“I’ve been in England and they’re all too quiet there. I prefer the warmth of our fans.”

Asking for forgiveness while spouting fighting words at your former club? Bold move.