Blaise Bourgeois

Guido Rodríguez laments the use of VAR in first-leg defeat

After América’s 2-1 defeat, Guido Rodríguez did not consider the performance of Thursday’s match official Fernando Guerrero to be fair.

The constant use of VAR visibly upset Rodríguez considering how the encounter with Tigres developed, as the match really never developed a true flow.

“It seems that for a moment the game was distorted by all these VAR problems.

“It ended up messing up the run of play because it seemed that it was used for anything. Why did the referee constantly have to see what happened and he did not give us anything?

“The decisions that are for us are not given and those that are against… they go and confirm them.”

Rodríguez later admitted that this was his opinion and he had not yet seen evidence from the match.

The two sides will meet once again on Sunday night, with América needing to win by two goals to advance to the semi-finals.