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Former Leeds defender speaks on son’s Manchester United interest

Alf-Inge Håland hopes that his son Erling Håland signs for Manchester United despite his history at Leeds.

Håland legitimised himself on the European stage, bagging a debut hat-trick to take his goal total of 17 goals and five assists through just nine matches.

The elder Norweigan spent 1997-2000 at Leeds and got into it quite a bit with Red Devils legend Roy Keane, sparking quite a feud during his time with the Lilywhites.

“It would be nice (interest from United and others),” Håland told TV2.

“It is important to distinguish between being a supporter and a job. So, I have a very relaxed relationship. It is a little different when it’s serious,

“He is a good player who plays for a very good team. It’s a club that bets on young players and has given him the chance.


“They have thought for a long time that they would give him the chance this summer, and at the same time there are many things that have taken place.

“Most of the job he has done himself, but he has been assisted by his former teammates and current coaches and teammates, in addition to the hard work of many years.”

Leeds have a potentially huge clash with Derby County on Saturday in a re-match of last season’s Championship play-off semi-finals.