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FIFA Presidency Candidates: Luis Figo

Continuing to look at the candidates for the next FIFA president, Footy Antics analyses Portugal legend, Luis Figo.

Continuing to look at the candidates for the next FIFA president, Footy Antics analyses Portugal legend, Luis Figo.

Being one of the greatest players of his time, the former Ballon d’Or winner is the most high-profile contender in the race to eject Blatter from his FIFA throne. Being a big football fan himself Luis Figo has not agreed with much that has gone on at FIFA, especially the way the allegations of corruptions have been dealt with. Like myself and many others, Figo believes that if FIFA have nothing to hide, the reports regarding the alledged corruption of the bidding process for both the 2018 and 2022 World Cup’s shoud be released. It will be an almighty task to overthrow Blatter, but with few bad things to say against Figo he seems like the leading candidate to do so.

Why should Figo be elected?

Luis Figo is the first of three candidates that UEFA had encouraged to run for FIFA presidency. His reasoning behind standing as a candidate for FIFA president is due to the countless corruption scandals and sagas. Figo felt the “image of FIFA” was deteriorating, also expressing that, “If you search FIFA on the internet, you see the first word that comes out: scandal.” Figo believes that if the image of FIFA is to improve change needs to be made first, claiming “football deserves better than this.”

It is clear that he has the right intentions for the general public, although the vote is not down to them. The real matter is whether he can offer enough towards the member Football Associations to swing the vote in his favour. Something that Sepp Blatter has done throughout his time as FIFA President, having often pleased the smaller member nations during his service.

In his most recent press conference, Figo suggested the idea of a 40 or 48 team World Cup, opposed to the current 32 team system, adding that these extra teams would be made up of non-European nations. This would also help raise revenues for FIFA, which could be put back into the growth of the sport.

Who will vote for him?

His major – I can’t stress enough how major – obstacle will be getting the necessary votes from member Football Associations. His main backing will be from UEFA members, similar to his other two UEFA associates. This seems to be an attempt from UEFA to give their nations a variety of options to choose from. Although his idea of a 40-48 team World Cup may gain him a few more votes, especially from countries who come close each time but never make it to the final stages.

A footballing legend and idol to many, Luis Figo is my favourite of the challengers to replace Sepp Blatter at the head of FIFA.

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