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Deco weighs in on Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup chances

The football world is excited to see if Cristiano Ronaldo can carry on the momentum from winning Euro 2016 while at his peak, and Deco is no exception.

The former Portuguese midfielder told Sport Express that Ronaldo can set his country apart from other quality teams in Russia.

“Of course, if you ask every player they want to win the World Cup, they dream about that for sure, Ronaldo is the same,” Deco said.

“It’s a dream competition.”

Despite maintaining a strict fitness regimen, Deco says even his former team-mate must face the passing of time.

“Of course, it’s complicated because there is a time for everyone, even those super fit like him,” he said.

But the former Barcelona and Chelsea midfielder would rather enjoy the football at the World Cup than speculate on future cycles.

“And of course Portugal won in 2016 I think the pressure is different now. People, the press, say teams are fearing Portugal and that’s a good thing.”