How Danny Rose became indispensable at Spurs

Sean Cook from TalkingTHFC looks at how Danny Rose has become indispensable at Tottenham Hotspur.

Sean Cook from TalkingTHFC looks at how Danny Rose has become indispensable at Tottenham Hotspur.


During the summer, reaction to the announcement about Danny Rose’s contract extension at the club sparked wild responses on social media. It seems that prior to the signing of Ben Davies, fans had little room for Rose in the current regime, with performances last season bordering on clueless.

With the signing of Davies, fans expected the Welsh youngster to quickly replace Rose at left-back. The ignorance to Davies’ youth and relative lack of experience was absent from fans, purely as his signing appeared a sharp quick-fix to the blundering Rose.

However, Mauricio Pochettino saw the chance to experiment with the pair throughout the season, given that Rose had produced sparks of brilliance in past seasons, and therefore to completely isolate him was an unwise move.

Early performances from Davies hardly helped him in the plot to overtake Rose as the first-choice left-back, and therefore Pochettino’s master plan became all the more important. Slow integration into the side was key, in order for the Welshman to find his feet in London.

As the season progressed, it seemed that Davies was beginning to overtake Rose in the pecking order. Some impressive displays in the Europa League showed the ability of the former Swansea player to implement his passing prowess, a trait Gareth Bale takes full advantage of on international duty with the Spurs player.

But with ‘important’ games coming thick and fast at the club, the more experienced Rose was seeing more game time. Heading into the second half of the season, it seems clear that his position in the starting XI is justified.

Rose has mistakenly taken a more attacking role down the left side, as our rotating midfield rarely keep to their initial positions, meaning a left-winger is often missing. Finding himself stranded at times, Rose has improved at getting-back and covering himself, with explosive tackles impressing the White Hart Lane faithful.

His displays against West Ham and Liverpool recently were not his best, however his Cup final performance was nothing short of outstanding, in a game where many Spurs bodies went missing.

Danny Rose has used the competition from Davies as a source of perseverance. In a campaign where our back-four has rotated a great deal, it seems that for Premier League fixtures, there is simply no place for Davies.

The English left-back is now one of the first names down on the team-sheet each week, and with vital league fixtures ahead, Spurs will be hoping that he is able to carry on battling for his shirt.