Blaise Bourgeois

Chivas will no longer field their Liga Premier side

Despite winning group 1 of the Liga Premier, which acts as Mexico’s third division, the Chivas board have made the decision to no longer have a Premier League team beginning next tournament.

This choice was taken a few days after the Rojiblanco side, led by Ricardo Cadena, fell in the final of Liguilla de filiales against Pumas Premier.

A statement from the Chivas board read: “This measure was taken with the aim of consolidating the training process our players over 21 years old in competitive leagues such as the Ascenso MX and foreign leagues.

“Chivas will continue to prioritise the development of new Mexican talent.”

Therefore, players such as goalkeeper Carlos Saldaña, defenders Ulises Zurita, Bryan Salazar, Leopoldo Cortés, and Juan de Dios Aguayo; midfielders Ángel Ramírez, Renato Mendoza, Brayam López, and Rubén Domínguez; plus forwards José Ramón Salas, Fernando Monarrez, Iván Gutiérrez and David Ávalos could look for new opportunities outside the institution.