Lewis Ambrose

Borussia Dortmund release new custom scarf with hilarious censorship

Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund have released a new scarf allowing fans to personalise with their own name.

Risky, you might think. Maybe fans will print the scarves with explicit and inappropriate words?

Well, yeah, maybe they will.

But don’t worry, Dortmund are way ahead of you. The club website has an automatic censorship set up, though, some offensive words have still been allowed.

Hilariously, though, the club have not allowed the words Schalke or S04, as their arch rivals are often referred to.

Given that the Revierderby between the two clubs is the biggest in Germany and has appropriately been nicknamed the Mother of all Derbies, it’s only fair to say there’s no love lost.

Dortmund’s official website or the scoreboards at the stadium will even try to avoid printing 04 at any point, opting to use 03+1 instead.

We think this new addition is pretty sublime, if we do say so ourselves.