Aston Villa chairman’s tweet ends up costing him £4000
Aston Villa chairman’s tweet ends up costing him £4000

Like many people the Aston Villa chairman and owner, Tony Xia, likes to get on Twitter and let the world know how he is feeling.

He does not do it too often like many people – just 1011 tweets to his name so far – but unlike many people, his are often quite colourful.

Here are some examples:

All of which leads us to why he has been fined £4,000 by the FA.

After the recent game against Bolton, which Villa won 1-0 and had had Neil Taylor sent off,  Xia responded to the game by doing what many of might do and tweeting about referee Jeremy Simpson, asking: “Is the ref a AV hater?”

Except as owner of a club, he can’t be doing that. He admitted the misconduct charge and has been warned as to his future conduct.

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