Phil Costa

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Čech struggling to explain awful away form

Petr Čech admits he is at a loss to explain Arsenal’s dismal domestic away form and rued the individual mistakes that continue to affect their season.

The Gunners suffered their ninth Premier League away defeat this season at Newcastle which leaves them virtually certain of missing out on a top-four finish for the second successive season.

Arsène Wenger’s men are also the only club in England’s top five divisions without an away point in 2018.

“It is very difficult to explain why because until last season we were one of the best teams away from home but somehow it has completely reversed and we don’t seem to find the answer for it.

“When you commit so many team mistakes, you get punished and Sunday proved that. Of course, you try to address that but clearly the same things are happening. We don’t make the same mistakes when we play at home.

“Having gone 1-0 up, we were pretty much in control. The continuation of errors for the second goal kind of sums up our season. It devalues the good things we have done with errors.”