Blaise Bourgeois

Alexis Vega: There is no jealousy in the Chivas dressing room

There’s a certain code in sporting organisations that what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room.

José Juan Macías said in an interview that some of his Chivas team-mates were jealous of his immediate success on loan at León and that they were not supporting him.

However, Chivas new boy Alexis Vega, who scored his first three goals in last weekend’s Clásico Tapatío since his move from Toluca, denied those claims and hinted that the 19-year-old broke the unspoken dressing room ‘code’.

“I was in a dressing room where there were a lot of foreigners. The truth is that they always treated me well and there were no problems,” Vega said.

“Here at Chivas, my colleagues welcomed me very well.

“I say that there are codes that are respected, things that we can not say and, well, my colleagues treat me in the best way, supporting me, and there is no jealousy here.”

Fourth-placed Chivas travel to seventh-placed Pachuca for a Saturday night showdown.