Phil Costa

📸 Ranking all the newly released Nike 2019/20 third kits

Football kits are a big deal.

Their objective is simple, but with the sudden boost in culture and aesthetics, they’re not just football jerseys – they can be worn everywhere.

And Nike get a lot of stick for their simple designs but these third kits are a thing of beauty.

Here’s our attempt at ranking them all …

1 – Roma

Everything about this jersey is perfect. The colours, the collar, even the sleeves.

It’s a similar template to the Barcelona one but wow – Roma always have so much sauce.

2 – Chelsea

Something different! Hallelujah!

You can’t go wrong with red and black, and even though we weren’t sure about the collar, it’s grown on us.

3 – Inter

Another simple yet really cool design.

We love the yellow and black, plus the old school Nike logo really stands out.

4 – Barcelona

The base colour of this jersey is stunning.

We love how the Barcelona badge stands out, plus the darker tint on the sleeves.

5 – Paris Saint-Germain

One word. Smooth.

All white jerseys look great, and the Parisian red/blue effect really brings it together.

6 – Tottenham

Nice. Consistent across the board and the badge/sponsor combination looks great.

Just lacking some X-Factor.

7 – Atlético Madrid

Again. It’s not because we don’t like the jersey, it’s just a bit plain.

Love the colour scheme but nothing jumps out.

8 – Galatasaray

This doesn’t mean we dislike the jersey, it just isn’t as nice as the others.

The silver and orange compliment each other nicely. Standard is too high!