Dan Burke

🎥 Man City goalkeeper Ederson performs death-defying circus stunt 🏍️

If you thought Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson was brave when it came to passing the ball out from the back, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

On Friday night – just 48 hours before Sunday’s EFL Cup final clash with Chelsea – the Brazilian was filmed taking part in the ‘Globe of Death’ motorbike cage stunt at the Continental Circus Berlin show in Manchester.

The circus describes the ‘Globe of Death’ as “the most death-defying act ever demonstrated” and apparently Ederson – who was watching the show with his family – was all too happy to get involved.

As the following video shows, the 25-year-old didn’t seem scared in the slightest and even grabbed hold of the rider’s hand at one point!

What an absolute crazy man. We’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall when Pep Guardiola finds out about this.

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