Blaise Bourgeois

🎥 Cruz Azul goalkeeper Guillermo Allison made the howler of the night

Oh no.

In the 26th minute of Cruz Azul’s Copa MX clash with second-division side Oaxaca, goalkeeper Guillermo Allison got a little too fancy in possession and he paid the full price for it.

Instead of passing it back to José Madueña or booting the ball down the field, Francisco Duarte dispossessed him and practically dribbled the ball into the net.

The defending champions would have been in real danger of being eliminated from the competition should they have lost on Wednesday, however, second-half goals from Misael Dominguez and Edgar Mendez spared Allison from further embarrassment.

Half-way through the group stage, Cruz Azul, Oaxaca, and Club Leon are now all on three points with a zero goal differential.